The Beginning 

Rob Knoll managed Geb's Cheesesteaks for two years making him realize he could run a business of his own.  With his brother Andy as his new partner, the two bought Geb's in 1983 from Frank and Miriam Clunn and operated the original business as seen here for one year. The cheesesteak stand quickly went by the way side, but the bike rental and mini golf stayed. In 1985, with some sweat and hard labor the idea of "Hassles" began to evolve. With ice cream replacing cheese steaks, Hassles was born. 


With the support of their large family and long history in the Wildwoods, Rob and Andy eagerly set out to serve top quality product, friendly service and cleanliness beyond expectations. Years later, Rob took over the business on his own. With a passion for the summer season in the Wildwoods he continued to make Hassles an ideal vacation destination. Over 35 years later Rob continues to run his family owned business with a smile on his face every day. Visit us on your vacation and you will understand why we have had so much support through out the years. Rob looks forward to seeing his repeat customers every Summer, yet greeting new ones will never get old for him either!